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How Anyone Can Start Building a Free Energy Generator

free energy house 150x150Everything in our world today relies on electricity to run, it is an absolute necessity. There are almost no tasks that don’t require energy of some sort. Well this convenience also comes at a high price. The price of energy sources such as gas, oil, coal has dramatically increased and will continue to do so. Since you are already here reading this article, you must know that already. The question is, what can we do about it?

If there was a way for an average family to reduce their energy bills or eliminate it all together, wouldn’t you be interested? Well the fact is, many people have already started building their own magnetic motor free energy generator and have been VERY successful at it.

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To start you only need a few parts to get your DIY magnetic power generator project going. This includes materials such as the following:

  • copper wires
  • magnets
  • aluminum or steel rod
  • card board
  • lumber
  • flat washers

You will need a few more things, but this is a list of the essentials. You can pick up the entire parts list at your local hardware store or buy them at a discount online. Already you can see how much cheaper this is than buying solar panels.

Once you have all the parts, now it is time for installation. You can always start by asking your neighbour or someone you know to help you with installation. It is not difficult. If not, there is one guide that is highly recommended when it comes to DIY free energy generators. It’s called Tesla Secrets.

What it has is a very well laid out, step by step instruction guide that just about ANYBODY can follow. You don’t need to be an engineer, a builder or have any experience in order to do this.  Any novice individual should be able to complete this project. In addition, a magnetic energy generator can last very long with very little maintenance.


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Remember to keep safety in mind when building your energy generator. You are dealing with electricity after all. This guide will show you how to build a safe to use and easy to operate. No need for previous experience is needed, although it does help.

As great as the guide is, some instructions may get a bit confusing for SOME PEOPLE. Taken from This product has been around for some time.  Most people have had good results. As a note, don’t expect to run your entire house on this one energy generator. Expect that it can save you 30-50% of your electric bill, which is A LOT of hard earned money saved. That is well worth your time especially in the long run.

Benefits of Magnetic Energy over Other Sources

Magnetic energy generators are considered one of the better solutions over solar for several reasons. Solar panel and generator costs are just tremendous. The sun isn’t always present, and panels can go through wear and tear since they are outside. Although solar panels are still very effective, these reasons alone are enough to give magnetic generators an edge.

family 150x150Amongst its main benefits, a homemade magnetic generator is very eco friendly and gives off no harmful substances. Since magnets are the main components to your alternative energy source, the maintenance level is greatly decreased. Magnets don’t wear out or run out of juice. They work around the clock and do not rely on weather conditions, or the light. If you have followed the instructions well, and the only outcome is a reduced monthly electricity bill for you and your family.

I hope you take the time and enjoy yourself in this project. Remember you are building something that is free, safe and environmentally friendly. In your efforts to truly supply your home with free electricity, make sure you are following the right guidance and instructions. Having the right approach can make the difference between a successful project and a faulty one.


Free electricity in the home

lens11715501 1277287900save electric billIt is inevitable that when your mail is delivered, that at least once a month you will moan and groan over one thing: the utility bills. In particular, there is one utility bill that will draw an exasperated sigh or deafening roar, and that is your electric bill. There are any number of emotions that you have probably drawn on at one time or another to describe how you feel about your electric bill, be it frustration or annoyance, all the way to desperation and panic. So when a chance comes your way to experience free electricity, you will run through another series of emotions to describe how you feel about that: shock, disbelief, doubt, maybe even a bout with hysteria. The skepticism you feel can easily be assuaged by looking more closely into the matter, focusing in particular.

Click here to see how you can build your free electricity generator today.

Power generators come in two types, wind and solar powered. They both are available these days as do it yourself activities designed to save you many thousands of dollars. The only cost is the creating of the unit itself, because the power generated by it once it is in place is at no cost. Some people have reported a savings of up to 80% off their bills, and in smaller houses, may even separate themselves from the power grid altogether and become completely self-sufficient power-wise.

If set up right, that little cache of batteries can be a storage facility for you, a storing of energy that can power your house whether it is rainy, a day with no wind, or night. If you use and store enough energy to surpass your consumption and genertate a surplus, then you can turn the tables and instead of paying for your electrical output, you can get paid for your electrical output. You will be able to sel your extra power to your utility company for a profit.

The most difficult part is getting the power generator built. Without the ability to put things of this nature together, then it will be an uphill battle. If you have friends or family who can lend a helping hand, so much the better for you here.

The good thing is that this is such a burgeoning market, that numerous DIY kits for solar and wind power generators are both available just about anywhere. Just buy one and get going. Figure out first what kind of power needs your house uses. There are enough designs to match not only your needs but the layout of your house. Look to the internet for the many how-tos for building your own free energy generator of your choice. It is a simple matter of downloading and following what it tells you to do to lead you down the path of electrical freedom.


Understanding Magnetic Energy Generators

magnetic generatorHave you ever thought what your life would be like if we didn’t have electricity? Quite frankly most of us would be freaked out by the idea. These days we rely almost entirely on electricity to power our electronic appliances, gadgets and light. Electricity contributes to make our very complex life so much easier.  Way back when our ancestors were alive they had no dependency on electricity, and were constantly worried about not having wood or fuel for their lamps. Today, even if our generators went down, our grid would lose electricity temporarily, but backup power generators are always in place so our loss is only short lived. How far we have come…

In general, when we talk about energy or power generators, we think about those machineries which are fed with gas, diesel, other types of fuel. There are those powered by solar energy and wind power to make them run. These are all good. But if you really want a cost efficient way to get a free energy generator, then you need to do something different and look into magnetic energy generation. Click here to see one of the better guides for learning to build a free energy generator for the home.

What are magnetic energy generators?

As the name implies, this type of power generator utilizes magnets to create electricity. Since a magnet never needs to be ‘refueled’ or recharged, you save on costs. Typically a magnetic power generator can run for several consecutive years without any major maintenance.

How do magnetic energy generators actually provide power?

Power generators typically rely on spinning turbines in order to produce electricity. The turbines spin converting kinetic energy into electricity through a series of physical changes. Burning fuel is what causes the turbine to spin. For a magnetic generator however, there is nothing to burn. How it works is the magnets are placed inside the generator and around the turbine. If the magnets have the same field, they will repel, and if opposite they will attract. The magnetic field (North or South) of the turbine can be alternated constantly to create an opposing field as to repel or push against the turbine, keeping it spinning. The magnets are strategically placed using poles to create a push or pull in one direction. As long as the magnetic for exists, the spinning motion will continue to create energy and electricity for your home.

How much energy completely depends on the size of your generator. The goal is to reduce your energy bill by supplying some amount of free energy. If you can build a large enough that it reduces your power costs to zero, then that would be ideal. However, even if you could only reduce it 20-30%, you are saving quite a bit of money already.

How to get hold of a magnetic energy generator?

You can buy some great magnetic energy generators online and some are very good. They all require fuel and gas but is a quick way to get started with having a backup system in the home. However there are several EXCELLENT guides for building your own with just a few simple parts if you are up for it. Click here for one of the better step by step guides for those who would like to get their hands dirty and build their own energy generator.

Check out the latest news on alternative energy



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learn how to get free energy by building your own free energy generators .


Green Power News Flash

Make A Cost-free Power Generator

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I really got absorbed into the free of charge power/electricity topic nowadays and I did an intensive research on the net. I discovered a cost-free instructional video exactly where you can discover to do your own free of charge energy generator for under two dollars.

The video is extremely clear and the parts utilised are low-cost and simple to get, but the outcomes are pretty remarkable. The man in the video makes a basic circuit and plugs it into a coated wire antenna (wire discovered in motor reels) and he is able to create sufficient electricity to recharge his cell phone!

The content material of the website itself is also very you will fascinating you will discover about Nicolas Tesla, a great inventor, that revolutionized our way of using electricity. In fact we use his inventions up untill this day. You will also understand about a forgotten technique employed by him to literally capt electricity from thin air… I know that this appears a little surreal, but I will be the very first one to go get the standard electronic parts to test out the little circuit demonstrated on the video.


If it does actually function then I am positive that this strategy is scalable. I am very intrigued by what I found today, and I will continue to experiment and have enjoyable with these various projects!

If you are curious about the ”Free Energy Circuit Video” click here to watch it. Have fun with your projects but always do them with an individual qualified since electricity can be dangerous!

Greatest of luck,


I am passionate about eco-friendly goods and techniques to grow to be a small far more self sufficient in today’s economy. I understand new items everyday on the world wide web and I will attempt to relay this data to you.

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Make a Totally free Energy Generator Video Rating: 5/five


Green Energy News Flash

Cost-free Electricity Generators

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Many techniques to save on electric bills

With the plethora of fashionable amenities we have in our residences nowadays and utilizing the boost in technologies it is no wonder our capability charges are as large as they are actually. And we actually don’t even must mention inflation or any with the other aspects concerned inside cost tag. The bottom line is usually that for any very good deal of men and women today their electrical power payments are much as well high-priced and prone to go even substantial rather then go down. So will cutting back on appliances solve this trouble? A lot of of us are employed to what we have now as properly as the imagined of acquiring rid of any household appliances nearly in no way crosses our thoughts. Thankfully you may preserve your devices and minimize your power bill, if not do away with all of it together, aided by the Magniwork expense-free power generator.

The Magniwork generator is in fact a magnetic generator that houses magnets which produce healthy strength. The energy produced is then used to strength the generator. The output is larger than the quantity that the generator needs and so you may possibly have a generator that runs indefinitely. The excessive capacity can then be employed to electrical power your property.


Study present that an normal American residential electrical power use is 920 kilowatt hrs. Multiply that by twelve and we can see that on the yearly basis American’s consume 11040 kWh.

So just how a lot do we pay out on typical for this strength usage?

The common selling cost compensated is about 10.six cents every single kWh and to guarantee lands us with an yearly expense of 70.24.

Now that may well not seem to be like lots specially whenever you break it lower into month-to-month chunks. But just envision to get a second what you can do with just 50 of that sum, or even the total sum. It can be sickening. Multiply the more than number by a number of a long time as a result you could have substantial quantity of extra cash for becoming employed any way you see suit.

Now needless to say the more than figures are just an average. You may pay only 50 percent of that or have a really really a lot larger monthly invoice. What we all can not argue is usually that dollars saved is cash in our pocket regardless with the volume. And all of us are familiar with that excellent sensation of realizing we have now some additional money put aside.

With an typical magnetic vitality generator a individual can produce as a lot as 7000 watts in day-to-day. To make certain equates to 7 kWh each day. If we demand the 920 from over and divide it by 30 days and nights we get a rough every day consumption of 31 kWh.

Now assess that to the electrical power made by a magnetic generator and now this total method may possibly not seem like a wonderful strategy.

Luckily these price-cost-free energy generators are tiny and straightforward to shop. And when it comes to their rates, in case you develop a person in your really own then you can conserve lots of funds. Generate sufficient of those and ultimately you might have sufficient electrical power that you decide on to will not have to rely on strength firms any much more time.

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Michael is a remain at home Dad who likes to dabble in World wide web Advertising and marketing. Ahead of becoming a home dad, Michael was a advertising engineer for a number of net based companies.

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